Clint and his wife Jodee have been successfully making the Sweetheart Baits and jig hooks since 2009. Clint had been making a smaller bait with no eye and solid color for quite some time and had great results with that bait.

It was in 2007 that Clint had to quit his job due to back surgery that left him completely disabled. So that’s when they decided it was time to make good use of all their free time. They started with changing the size and adding eye’s and color to them, some of the baits are three and four color baits, and you can choose from Gold, silver or Red eyes.

It was more of a hobby at first. Then with so many Fishermen in the area winning tournaments using the Sweetheart Baits and wanting us to make their baits for them,  they started selling them. They wanted people to know how to get a hold of the baits, so they had a web designer make a Web site, that worked out pretty darn well, because using PayPal kept peoples’ information confidential and secure.

They had a really hard time keeping up with all the orders, and after a few years the orders still keep coming, but like most new things they have slowed down a bit. They don’t mind though it gives them a little extra time to be on the water and doing what they really enjoy, and that is tournament fishing.

Now they have a new bait line out, they are calling it, The Pole Dancer series, the same excellent swim action and same texture and design just they have a fine pixie
dust glitter in them for an even better attraction. This new and improved web site is strictly designed to let the anglers know that they may still purchase the baits, the Hibdon’s have kept them at the same price for over six years,  they just want to make them easy on the pocket book with everything else going sky high.

The Sweetheart Baits are the Original , others have tried to follow and make them with the single swim tail, and that’s fine with them. The Sweetheart Bait is still by far the better choice, a proven Tournament winning bait. It is a hand dipped, hand painted bait, made with pride and care by Clint and Jodee.
So make no mistake when going out one the  water……Don’t forget to take your Sweetheart fishing.
We look forward to seeing you out on the water!